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Testimonies & Media


We are widely cited in media and actively testify before the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate on financial accounting, finance, economics, corporate law, securities law, banking law, and other business law matters.  See below for a sample of Professor Verret's many testimonies, among the 14 times he has testified before the U.S. House and U.S Senate.  More available at Professor Verret's C-Span homepage, click Here.


C-SPAN May 13, 2009

American International Group (AIG) trustees testified about the use of public bailout funds by the company and previous claims that all or most of the funds would be returned to the government. Among the issues addressed were the levels of transparency for company operations, the pace of restructuring, and the role of the government-appointed oversight board.


C-SPAN September 15, 2011

Former officials testified about Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) operations and proposed regulatory changes. Among the topics they addressed were the role of credit rating agencies in the economy, enforcement of financial regulations, and banking practices. 


C-SPAN October 24, 2009

J.W. Verret talked about an Obama administration order earlier in the week that seven of the firms that received the most federal aid must slash compensation to their highest-paid employees.