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Professor Terrence Chorvat

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Professor of Law Terrence R. Chorvat is an expert in the taxation of business organizations, particularly the taxation of international transactions. He holds an LLM in Taxation from New York University, where he served as acting assistant professor for two years.  He also holds a Masters in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago Department of Mathematics.

He is a graduate of the University of Chicago School of Law and of Northwestern University. In 1997, he served as a policy advisor to Senator Edward Kennedy. Professor Chorvat has published a number of articles in the tax field, including: "Taxing International Corporate Income Efficiently" (Tax Law Review, 2000). He has also written in the emerging field of neuroeconomics with Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith and Kevin McCabe, including: "Lessons from Neuroeconomics for the Law" inThe Law and Economics of Irrational Behavior (Vernon Smith & Francesco Parisi eds., Stanford University Press 2003)

He teaches courses in Corporate Income Taxation, Partnership Taxation, Taxation of International Transactions, Advanced U.S. International Taxation, International Business Transactions, Tax Planning, Professional Responsibility, and Federal Income Taxation.